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What is NERSC?

NERSC is the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center, a US Department of Energy open computing center. As of 2021 we have over 8000 users from all 6 DOE Offices of Science.

What is MODS?

MODS is our Monitoring of Data Services project, a business intelligence project to better understand how our users are using our systems. Through it we collect data to inform decisions to help make NERSC a more user-friendly and scientifically productive center.

On the right you'll find links to Python and Jupyter interactive dashboards that display analyzed data broken down by year, quarter, and month, as well as dashboards that include all of the data we have taken to-date.

About the Data

Please note that due to staggered additions and updates to our monitoring, data like MKL fraction and Shifter container fraction may not be accurate depending on the time period selected. If you have questions about these data please contact us via our service portal.

Template adapted from w3docs.

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